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Prayers for a Better World

Author(s): Piper Sophie

ISBN13: 9780745969299

ISBN10: 0745969291


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  • This inspiring collection of prayers deals with the hopes and concerns that children have for the world and its people; from family and friends at home, to the environment and world peace. The prayers are chosen from a range of traditional and modern sources and are arranged thematically: For Planet Earth; For Creatures Great and Small; For Green and Growing Things; For Peace and Justice; and For a World Made New. Mique Moriuchis bright paint and collage illustrations add a truly global feel. We share the earth we share the sky we share the shining sea with those we trust with those we fear: we are Gods family.

  • Piper Sophie

    This information book for the very young conveys its message through charming picture of toddlers in everyday situations. Some are being good, others are being mischievous, and the consequences of their mischief are comic yet cautionary. Scenarios include being clean and tidy, keeping quiet (or not, depending on the noise!), thinking of others, caring and sharing, saying sorry and laughing together. The final message is of caring, sharing and love. ABOUT THE AUTHOR SOPHIE PIPER has developed a name as an experienced author/compiler of gift prayer books. She has written and compiled a number of successful prayer books including the classic Book of Prayers to Keep for Ever. She also retells Bible stories and is the author of the Bible Story Time series and The Lion Read and Know Bible.

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  • For Planet Earth

    Here on the ancient rock of earth
    I sit and watch the sky;
    I feel the breeze that moves the trees
    While stately clouds float by.
    I wonder why our planet home
    Spins round and round the sun
    And what will last for ever
    When earths days all are done.


    Pearly seashell,
    filled with brine,
    can your ocean
    all be mine?
    Pilgrim, no:
    for sea and shore
    belong to God
    for evermore.

Prayers for a Better World

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