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Prayer: The Heart of the Gospels

Author(s): Jim McCaffrey

ISBN13: 9781856076128

ISBN10: 1856076121


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  • The author says: Praying, reading and teaching the scriptures over many years, I have discovered their supreme importance for a better and deeper understanding of the spiritual life. It is this experience that has urged me to write this book and explore the biblical foundations of the mystery of Christian prayer. What I have written here is meant as a help to discover or rediscover the riches of the gospels. In no way is it meant as a substitute for them. We can all read about prayer in a book. But what really matters is actually to pray. For this reason, the book is not intended as mere theory, nor is it a purely academic study of prayer in the gospels. Rather, it is my hope that this book will inspire the reader to persevere faithfully in the search for an ever-deeper life of communion with God, praying , and living , in the spirit of the gospels after the example of Jesus. The whole purpose of what I have written is to help others , and myself , actually to pray.

    After a substantial preface on how to read the gospels, he dedicates a chapter to each of the four gospels, showing how prayer features in each and highlighting the similarities and differences which arise. The last two chapters refer to praying with The Holy Spirit and with Mary and an appendix gives an extensive list of gospel passages suitable for use as prayer starters.

  • Jim McCaffrey

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Prayer: The Heart of the Gospels

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