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Prayer First! A New Agenda for Catholic Schools

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  • Catholic School leaders and teachers will love this book. It has everything absolutely everything they want and need to know about prayer in the school. Sr. Kathleen is a veteran teacher and it s clear that she has been there and done that with great joy and enthusiasm. But she knows that not every teacher feels secure about praying with a class, even though they know it s important and realize that parents entrust them with this responsibility. And she also realizes that certain Catholic prayer forms are a mystery to them. On the other hand, there are those who feel very comfortable teaching prayer but are looking for fresh ideas. Prayer First meet both these needs. It serves as a textbook for a Prayer 101 course by explaining prayer and various prayer forms. It is also a resource book that shares methods and activities for teaching prayer that have worked well for others. Among many other topics, Sr. Kathleen discusses traditional prayer, scripture-based prayer, meditation, centering prayer, mantras, and liturgical prayer. Her two appendices are a real plus, offering 1) definitions for Catholic prayer words and rituals and 2) practical, hands-on prayer samples for teachers. This is an invaluable Catholic School resource for principals, board members, teachers, and parents!
  • Mary Kathleen Glavich

      Mary Kathleen Glavich, a Sister of Notre Dame, is an author, editor, and national speaker from Cleveland, Ohio. Besides writing more than 50 books on religious education and spirituality, she has worked on five textbook series. In the past, she has taught every grade from first to twelfth. Currently she is a pastoral associate at St. Dominic Parish, and likes to play the piano, read, and crochet.

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Prayer First! A New Agenda for Catholic Schools