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Prayer Bytes

Everyday Prayers for Young People

ISBN13: 9781853909177

ISBN10: 1853909173

Publisher: Veritas Publications (30 September 2004)

Extent: 40 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 23.4 x 15.6 x 0.6 cm

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  • The pressure to fit in and be popular that comes with being a young person today can often make us forget the importance of prayer and quiet reflection. Prayer-Bytes offers much needed time-out for young people, with prayers that are simple in style and relevant to the concerns faced by todays youth.

    Prayer-Bytes is divided into three sections:
    -Prayers for Everyday provides a structure for daily praying with suggestions for relevant Scripture passages;
    -In Conversation with God relfects on key issues facing young people;
    -My Prayers for Others offers incercessions for the wider community.

    Prayer-Bytes is the perfect accompaniment for young people encountering the highs and lows of everyday life.

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    Rosemary Atkins

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    Prayer-Bytes deals with the important aspects and challenges of growing up. It give young readers the opportunity to share with God their problems and speak to him as a friend. I liked the way these prayers stay away from the traditional ones learnt in school, in which children learn them off without understanding their true meaning. The illustrations make this book very appealing and I think books like this one are the way forward in getting young people to pray. I would definitely recommend its use in the home and classroom.

    - Andrea OCarroll, Third-Year student, Col?íiste Mhuire, Marino. Intercom, April 2006

  • Lord, you are wonderful
    Lord, as I wake for a new day,
    I want you to know youre right up there,
    topping the list of those
    I honour and admire.
    You are awesome.

    I look at the wonder of your creation,
    its colour, design and purpose,
    and its constant renewal.

    I remember all the love
    you show to each and everyone of us
    in the life and death and resurrection
    of Jesus Christ.

    I stop and feel
    the presence of your Holy Spirit,
    filling my heart with joy and peace.

    Then I know for sure, my God,
    that you are truly wonderful.

    A Scripture verse: Praise the Lord, O my soul:
    O Lord mv God you are great indeed. (Ps 1O4: I)

    Beginning the day
    Im in a rush, God,
    but please stick by me today
    to guide me,
    to help me.

    Support me all the day
    with your everlasting love.

    Thanks God, for when youre beside me
    I know all will be well.

    A Scripture verse: I will sing of your power O Lord,
    each morning acclaim your love. (Ps 59: 17)

    At the end of day
    God, you rested after you had created the world.
    Ive had a busy day
    and now I am exhausted,
    - yet there is still so much to do.
    I ask you to calm me down
    and give me the energy
    to do those tasks that are most urgent.
    Thanks God, for this day,
    for health and strength,
    for family and friends,
    for growth and learning.
    May I rest tonight in your love
    and wake to serve you tomorrow.

    A Scripture verse: I will lie down and sleep in peace;
    for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety. (Ps 4:8)

    Crisis, Lord
    Im in a crisis, Lord
    and its like this
    Now Ive told you,
    Im beginning to feel better.

    Dear God, be near me,
    to calm me,
    to clear my mind,
    to take away my fear
    and to show me the options
    to move forward.

    Give me your strength and wisdom, God,
    for you are my friend and my guide.

    A Scripture verse: Trust in God at all times,
    pour out your heart before God;
    for God is a refuge for us. (Ps 62:8)

    Lord, Im really sorry
    Lord Jesus, Im really sorry.
    This is what happened... ...

    Im sorry for the wrong I have done.
    I ask to be forgiven.
    I will learn from this
    and with your help
    try to choose the better option next time.
    Give me your Spirit
    and assure me of your love.

    Thank you, Lord,
    for your forgiveness.

    A Scripture verse: I will confess my sin.
    I am sorry for my wrong doings. (Ps 38: 18)

    Jesus, Keep me loving
    Jesus, I lost it today
    and now I am both furious and embarrassed.
    Let me tell you... ...

    What would you have said, Jesus?
    How would you have handled it?
    I suppose love would have been your guide
    but that was not how it was with me.

    Lord Jesus, teach me how to love,
    to say to others words I could hear from them,
    to judge others in the way you would judge me,
    with understanding and with love.

    A Scripture verse: Let love for one another continue (Hebrews 13:1)
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Prayer Bytes

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