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Prayer and Prophecy

Author(s): Kenneth Leech

ISBN13: 9780232527650

ISBN10: 0232527652


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  • Kenneth Leech is one of the great prophetic voices in contemporary Anglicanism and the vitality and relevance of his work is as keenly felt as ever. Prayer and Prophecy brings together his essential writings on theology, spirituality and politics. The increased awareness of the role of faith communities in civil society and politics (particularly in inner-city areas) makes Leechs work of considerable contemporary interest.

  • Kenneth Leech

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    `The prophetic voice and the spirit of inner prayer are not two alternative ways of Christian witness: they are inseparable in a healthy Christian life, and history shows that where they are not held together, both decay.

    - Kenneth Leech

    `Knowing how to be an alternative for the world without becoming self-righteous is no easy task. This is why we need the wisdom of a life by the name of Leech.

    - Stanley Hauerwas

    `The plain truth is that no-one else writes with such authority about the pastoral and prophetic task in our church at the moment.

    - Rowan Williams

    `Leech has an unusual ability to identify what is going on in the world and to respond to it. Very few guides to the life of Christian prayer are also and simultaneously guides to the life of action with regard to the needy. Few other [writers] state in so comprehensive a fashion what is at stake in believing or not believing in the God of Catholic Christianity.

    - Alasdair Maclntyre

    `Ken Leech is a northern soul. He is to theology what Northern Soul is to the music scene. He draws inspiration from our urban centres, combines blues and soul, is unswayed by whats popular - and shouts out "Keep the faith!"

    - Ann Morisy

    `In our world today there are two great hungers, one forspirituality and the other for justice. Ken Leech offers words and leadership that can bring us to both and in this volume we get his greatest hits!

    - Jim Wallis


Prayer and Prophecy