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Political Theology

Author(s): Michael Kirwan

ISBN13: 9780232527452

ISBN10: 0232527458


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  • After 9/11, the fear of a clash of civilisations and the war onterror, everyone is now aware of the return of religion as a philosophical sociological snd political phenomenon. There has been renewed interest in books in the general trade about religion and violence and a significant increase in the number of students taking courses in religion and theology. Political Theology: An Introduction supplies both an histroical overview of different ways in which theology and the political have related to one another and an analysis of the current complex situation that fills the gap left by the decline of the doctrine of secularization. This guide to a vibrant, fascinating and sometimes bewildering subject is designed for both theology students and students from religious studies programs. It avoids or explains where necessary, technical theological terms, and supplies a helpful glossary. Political Theology challenges believer and non believer alike, to learn a new language, so they can talk respectfully to one another - a situation which for once, makes the lecture hall a microcosm of society at large, not an enclave from it.
  • Michael Kirwan

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Political Theology

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