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Perpetual Motivation

How to Light Your Fire & Keep It Burning in Your C

Author(s): Dave Durand

ISBN13: 9780824525927

ISBN10: 0824525922


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  • Perpetual Motivation teaches you the formula for motivation that all great achievers use in their lives. Dave shows you how to rapidly and easily integrate the formula into your life for immediate results

    - Achieve more with less effort!
    - Become a "legacy achiever" who makes a difference
    - Empower your life and excel in your career, finances, family and relationships, health, and more!

    Using sharp and fresh anecdotes, and drawing from his study of legacy achievers, Durand shows us that highly motivated people use a strategy for success that doesnt involve any more effort than you already invest. He demonstrates that motivation is more about strategy and focus than about effort.

  • Dave Durand

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    Perpetual Motivation cuts to the core of what really motivates top performers.
    -Dan Jansen, Olympic Gold Medalist

    "Perpetual Motivation goes far deeper than the flood of other books on that topic. A must read!"
    -Eric Laine, Chairman/CEO Alcas Corporation

    "All men and woman of great achievement need a constant flow of inspiration and motivation. Dave Durand has been teaching people how to create that flow for more than a decade. Now let him teach you the secrets of Perpetual Motivation."
    -Matthew Kelly, author of The Rhythm of Life: Living Every Day with Passion Purpose


Perpetual Motivation

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