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Paul from Tarsus to the world DVD

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    A long journey by land and sea offers the viewer insight into the life and thought of Paul of Tarsus, Apostle of the Gentiles by revisiting the sites of his intense missionary activity: Turkey, Crete, Cyprus, the southern Balkans, Greece, Malta and Rome. A chance to meet Paul today, discover his spiritual wealth, and allow ourselves to be caught up in his passion for announcing the Gospel.
    The documentary film in seven parts for a total of 210 minutes was produced by the Pauline Publishers in VHS/DVD. The Italian text was written by the films director Alberto Castellani, and the Biblical consultant was Romano Penna of the Pontifical Lateran University. Beautiful views of the places visited by the Apostle are interwoven with icons of St Paul himself, many of them shown for the first time to the public. The documentary film is enriched with brief interviews with biblical scholars, historians and archaeologists who cast light on Pauls thought and temperament, the environment in which he lived and the life of the early Christian communities.

    A Seven-Part Film
    1. A Light From Heaven
    2. Barnabas: A Good Man
    3. We Bring You Good News
    4. Strengthening the Churches
    5. Do Not Be Afraid: Continue to Speak
    6. I Appeal to Caesar
    7. I Have Finished the Race

    Additional Content:
    Animated Maps
    Division Into Chapters
    Languages: English, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, French
    Genre: Documentary
    Length: 210min
    Audio Format: Dolby Digital

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Paul from Tarsus to the world DVD

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