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Overcoming Depression

A Womans Guide

ISBN13: 9780800787585

ISBN10: 0800787587


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  • "I seem to cry over nothing these days."

    "Why am I having such a hard time making simple decisions?"

    "Lately, its difficult just getting out of bed."

    "Im so irritable; whats wrong with me?"

    Nearly every woman, at some time during her life, will experience the crippling effects of depression. But these debilitating emotions can be managed and sometimes even conquered.

    A Womans Guide to Overcoming Depression offers you encouragement and hope. The authors are experienced therapists who encourage a holistic approach of counseling, health care, spirituality, and medication when necessary. This inspirational resource will help you

    - examine the symptoms of depression,
    - understand its causes,
    - learn about remedies to heal the whole body, and
    - walk the path to recovery.

    Discover a proactive approach to growing through or living with depression and how you can redeem it as an opportunity for learning and growth.

  • Archibald Hart

    Catherine Hart

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Overcoming Depression

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