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Overcoming Agoraphobia

Author(s): Melissa Murphy

ISBN13: 9781847090300

ISBN10: 1847090303

Publisher: Sheldon Press

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  • Fear, essential for the survival of the species, is built into our DNA, but when this primitive instinct gets out of control, the resulting anxiety can be paralysing. Agoraphobia is a common complication of anxiety disorder, twice as common in women than in men, and literally means a fear of open spaces. But the reality for house-bound sufferers is a crippling fear of leaving the safety zone of the home in case a panic attack occurs. Agoraphobics are by definition isolated from the help they so desperately need, and friends and family are not always sympathetic. Overcoming Agoraphobia aims to help agoraphobics redefine their safety zone, so that no matter where they are, they retain a sense of safety and calm. It covers the latest medical research and treatments, as well as practical issues such as work, benefits and disability badges.

    Topics include:
    Symptoms and triggers
    How to access help from your doctor, and medication
    Avoiding isolation - what to tell family, friends and colleagues
    Body matters , including nutrition, fitness and relaxation
    Complementary therapies
    Lifestyle changes
    Learning to relax
    Womens health and agoraphobia

    Melissa Murphy is an award-winning journalist and health writer.
  • Melissa Murphy

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Overcoming Agoraphobia

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