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Over 200 Talks for All-Age Worship

Author(s): Susan Sayers

ISBN13: 9781848671669

ISBN10: 1848671660


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  • It is common practice in modern churches for the whole church family, from the youngest to the oldest, to come together for at least part of the morning worship. Anyone who has had the privilege of leading all-age worship will be aware not only of its difficulties, but also of its delights.

    The ideas in this book present the Gospel message in a way that will mean something to every member of the congregation, regardless of their age. They have been written to encourage shared participation in the teaching, through movement, speech and action. With a good dose of humour and a sense of togetherness, these talks enable an open and uninhibited expression of faith which is both memorable and meaningful.
  • Susan Sayers

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Over 200 Talks for All-Age Worship

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