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Outside Eden: Finding Hope in an Imperfect World

Author(s): Peter Fisher

ISBN13: 9780281059959

ISBN10: 0281059950

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian

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  • The reality of imperfection is something we all live with: but how do we live with it? In our dreams and fantasies we like to imagine perfect people, places or communities while in our cynical or despairing moments we see ourselves and our society as hopelessly flawed. The Christian gospel takes a third path: it is about imperfection and glory - it is about how God offers us realistic hope. In Jesus, God responds truthfully and generously to what we and our world are really like, so as to make of us something glorious.

    Drawing on the poetry of W. H. Auden, T. S. Eliot, Henry Vaughan and others Peter Fisher encourages us to follow Christ on this crooked journey to fulfilment. He shows how God brings glory out of imperfection both in human lives and in the community of faith.

  • Peter Fisher

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    This is rare and beautiful book that offers spiritual insight and hope through recourses to poetry and personal reflection. It is simply an uplifting masterpiece.

    - Alexander McCall Smith, author of the NO. 1 Ladies Detective agency series


Outside Eden: Finding Hope in an Imperfect World

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