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Our lady's call from medugorje

ISBN13: 3870000004547


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  • Another book on Medjugorje! Who on earth needs it? To be quite honest.. I do..! Hoping that you, readers, could use it too, so that you get a clearer picture of the events. I also hope that this book might inspire you to understand the messages from Our Lady more easily and to identify yourselves with them.

    In the beginning, back in 1981, when Our Lady was reported to have visited six visionaries for the first time, there was an atmosphere of distrust, fear, and anxiety. Therefore it was not possible to gather and preserve all the visionaries testimonies at one place and without disturbance. Nowadays, after almost two decades, many documents have emerged and I will use these to describe the events chronologically. Furthermore, I will include my memories presenting them in first person.

    Where is Medjugorje in the first place? Who are its inhabitants? What are they like? I do know many of them personally, as it is my ancestors homeland; therefore before assuming the role of chronicler, I will use various sources, from the past and present, in order to introduce the reader to the Medjugorje parish and its parishioners.

  • Mirjana Stanislava Vasilj-Zuccarini

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Our lady's call from medugorje

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