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Other Side

Author(s): Michael Brown

ISBN13: 9780615226750

ISBN10: 0615226752


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  • What happens when we die? Can we really know? What does that Church say? What do those who claim to have glimpsed it - During brushes with death - have to say?

    There is no more important question and in this book are many of the answers-incredibly consistent testimony form dozens who allegedly have seen Heaven, hell, and purgatory - especially the indescribable beauty of paradise, where they tell of overwhelming Light and a fantastic embrace by Christ.

    "Im home," say those who enter His Presence. Im finally home. This is my real home!"

    What is prepared for you? What will your life look like to the Lord when He evaluates it? What do they say is the key to a good "judgment" - and a special place in the hereafter?

    Is it true we see deceased relatives? Are there levels of Heaven? What do people do there?

    These and other questions are addressed by Catholic writer and former investigative journalist Michael H. Brown, who has been featured on national television, has spoken in churches across America, and is the author of "After Life," "The Final Hour," and twenty other books.

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Other Side

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