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Orthodox Heretic

Author(s): Pete Rollins

ISBN13: 9781853119798

ISBN10: 1853119792


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  • Pete Rollins is inspired by the fact that all language fails when it comes to describing God. This, he says, is what nourishes poets and pilgrims alike as they try to capture, enact and incarnate truth. Such truth can only be lived , it cannot be reduced to mere words. From this starting point, he revisits the parables of Jesus - odd and unexpected stories that set hearers and readers spinning off course from what is safe and familiar towards some completely new kind of understanding.

    Parables are subversive; they never attempt to make faith simplistic. A parable does not primarily provide information about our world. Rather, if we allow it to do its work within us, it will change our world, breaking it , and us - open to wholly new possibilities. In the spirit of Jesus parables, Peter offers some transformative stories of his own. An unforgettable experience awaits the reader.

  • Pete Rollins

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Orthodox Heretic

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