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Open Door: Entering the Sanctuary of Icons


ISBN13: 9781557253415

ISBN10: 1557253412


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  • Encounter twelve of the worlds most significant Orthodox icons with one of todays best-loved spiritual writers as your guide.

  • Frederica Mathews Green

    I write and speak on a wide range of topics; movie reviews, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, the pro-life cause, marriage, family, and the culture. The most recent articles are below, but by clicking on Essays you can view all titles sorted by category. And you can also sign up for the email list to receive new essays as they are published.So far I've published eight Books, and I travel to Speaking Engagements all year round; this Calendar will let you know when I'm in your neighborhood. has included some short videos of me in their "Preachers and Teachers" section. And if you have questions about Orthodoxy, you'll find help on these Links. Make yourself at home.

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    'The Open Door provides an open window into a radically different approach to spiritual formation, one that is more ancient/Eastern than modern/Western, one that feels refreshingly new as well as seasoned, rich, and time-tested.'

    - Brian McLaren, author of Everything Must Change and A Generous Orthodoxy

    'The joy of [this] book is to allow us to meet the icons where the saints want us to meet them , face to face in a prayer corner, in candlelight as we approach the altar, above the beds of our sleeping children. . . . This book is a call to stand still, take a deep breath and face the cloud of witnesses.'

    - Terry Mattingly, columnist, Scripps Howard News Service


Open Door: Entering the Sanctuary of Icons

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