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Author(s): Owen OSullivan

ISBN13: 9781856073493

ISBN10: 1856073491

Publisher: Columba Press

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  • At a time when Islam is at the forefront of public attention, it is useful to have basic information about it and how it relates to the other two great monotheistic religions, Judaism and Christianity. Taking as its starting point the Qur?ón, the sacred text of Islam, One God, Three Faiths selects some of its fundamental themes and asks what the other two religions have to say on them.

    One God, Three Faiths is not a comprehensive statement of the three religions nor a comparison of them, as it leaves untouched major themes of Judaism, such as Covenant, and of Christianity, such as the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It looks at essential elements of Islam and presents Jewish and Christian ideas on the same.

    One God, Three Faiths is for the non-specialist who would like to be better informed about basic aspects of the relationship between these three religions. Texts are selected in a non-polemical way without regard to the canons of political correctness. Themes are easily accessible, making it possible for the reader to dip into the book from time to time, or to find a particular topic quickly. As such, it is an introduction to inter-religious dialogue between members of all three faiths. It meets a need for our time.

  • Owen OSullivan

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