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On the Gift of A MOTHER'S LOVE

ISBN13: 9781861874184

ISBN10: 1861874189


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  • The well loved and collected greeting cards of Susan Florence: have sold hundreds of millions of copies in the last three decades. Her gift books have sold over one and a half million copies.

    With words of gentle wisdom and original paintings, Susan Florence brings her unique style to all her gift products and her readers have written time and again to thank her and tell her how the books were a profound help to them. People have told Susan that her words speak to them of what they cannot say... but what they feel.

    Susan Florences completely new collection of giftbooks in The Journeys Series invites the readers to pause and look deeply into their lives. "We all need more time to rediscover and reflect on what is meaningful and important in our own lives... and what brings us joy and beauty. Writing these books in The Journeys Series has helped me understand more fully the value of love and acceptance in helping us through the difficult times as we journey through life."

    Susan lives with her husband, Jim, in Ojai, California. They have two grown children, Brent and Emily.
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On the Gift of A MOTHER'S LOVE

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