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Author(s): Windy Dryden

ISBN13: 9780415036115

ISBN10: 0415036119


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  • Why do people want to become a psychotherapist? How do they translate this desire into reality? Once they are psychotherapists, what sustains their interest and motivation? On Becoming a Psychotherapist explores these and related questions, probing those areas which are not frequently studied formally but which psychotherapists invariably discuss amongst themselves. The contributions come from a wide cross section of the profession. The book concludes with a section illustrating what the implications of the individuals experiences are for the profession as a whole. Why do people want to become psychotherapists? How does this desire become a reality? Ten eminent psychotherapists write about their profession and their careers, exploring how and why they became psychotherapists. The contributors, representing a wide cross-section of their profession, come from both Britain and America, from different theoretical backgrounds, and are at different stages of their careers. They write in a personal and revealing way about their childhoods, families, colleagues, and training.
    They consider what it was that drew them to become psychotherapists, probing areas which are not often studied discuss amongst themselves. On Becoming a Psychotherapist makes fascinating reading for experienced and novice therapists, who can compare their own experiences with those of the contributors.
  • Windy Dryden

    Professor Windy Dryden is a leading author on psychological and counselling topics, and one of the world’s most renowned CBT therapists. He is Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies at Goldsmiths College, London, and the author of 200 books.

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