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Oh Wont You Sit down CD

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  • Oh, Won't You Sit Down (CD) brings the optimism, hopefulness and deeply personal faith of African-American spirituals to children in a popular style they can easily sing and enjoy. Arranged for and recorded with children's voices, with simple piano accompaniment, these 14 songs are perfectly suited for use in Children's Liturgy of the Word, children's choirs, Sunday school, catechism and music classes, elementary school and the home. As Jack has noticed in his music classes, children of every ethnic background respond immediately to spirituals.


    They enjoy the syncopation, the spirit and the concrete imagery. Direct, faith-filled and deceptively simple, these songs have evolved, serving various Christian traditions in the years since they were originally created. Designed for children in kindergarten through eighth grade, Oh, Won't You Sit Down (CD) offers gathering songs, songs celebrating God's care and creation, and songs for seasons throughout the year, including Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. With their unifying spirit and powerful message, these spirituals are the Gospel in song, proclaiming life out of death and inviting all to sit together at the "Welcome Table."

  • Jack Miffleton

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Oh Wont You Sit down CD

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