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O Sacrament Most Holy

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  • The Eucharistic Congress of 1932 was held in Dublin and was a defining moment in the history of the emerging Irish state. Delegates came from abroad and the people of Ireland came out in their thousands to take part in the various ceremonies and celebrations. The 50th International Eucharistic Congress takes place in Dublin in June 2012. Ireland is a different place now with many changes in society and with regard to the place of religion in the life of the people.


    In the area of sacred music there are many new compositions that reflect liturgical renewal in the Roman Catholic Church after the Second Vatican Council and the goal of congregational partici¬pation. Alongside these new initiatives there remains a strong choral tradition in sacred music that complements the work of renewal. These sacred compositions offer moments for profound reflection and inspiration as the ancient Eucharistic texts are brought to life through the work of talent¬ed composers. This collection of the old and the new in the choral tradition combines settings of the traditional Latin texts such as Jesu Dulcis Memoria, Ave Verum Corpus, Tantum Ergo and 0 Sacrum Convivium and Irish texts like Bi 7osa im Chroise, Cead Mile Fdilte Romhat and A Iosa Glan Mo Chroise.


    In addition there are popular Eucharistic devotional hymns in English in exciting new settings such as God has been Glorified which uses the refrain of 0 Sacrament Most Holy to engage the congregation while the choral interludes heighten the intensity of this call to give praise and thanks to God. The music is interspersed with spoken reflections on the Eucharist which allows this recording to be used as an oasis for reflection and an opportunity for engaging with the sacred music and texts in a meaningful way. I welcome this new recording as a significant contribution to the sacred choral tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. I hope that it will help many people in their preparations for the Eucharistic Congress 2012 and that it will remain as a spiritual resource in the years to come.


    + Diarmuid Martin Archbishop of Dublin


    Tracks Include:

    1. Panis Angelicus Marc-Antoine Charpentier 1:35
    2. Ave Verum Corpus Gregorian Chant 1:06
    3. Ave Verum Corpus William Byrd 3:43
    4. Meditation (i) 0:15
    5. Soul of My Saviour William Maher, arr. Mawby 3:13
    6. Meditation (ii) 0:16
    7. Jesu Dulcis Memoria Gregorian Chant 1:44
    8. Jesu Dulcis Memoria Tomas Luis de Victoria 1:55
    9. Sweet Sacrament Divine Francis Stanfield arr. Mawby 3:15
    10. Meditation (iii) 0:23
    11. Ave Verum Corpus Edward Elgar 2:20
    12. Ave Verum Corpus Colin Mawby 3:26
    13. Meditation (iv) 0:52
    14. Agnus Dei Gyorgy Selmeczi 1:34
    15. Meditation (v) 0:36
    16. Bi `Iosa im Chriose Trad., arr. Mooney 2:45
    17. A Iosa, Glan mo Chrolse Trad., arr. Mooney 0:58
    18. Uad Mile Failte Romhat Trad., arr. Magee 1:17
    19. Meditation (vi) 0:20
    20. Panis Angelicus Gregorian Chant 1:20
    21. Paths Angelicus Cesar Francl< 3:23
    22. Meditation (vii) O:SS
    23. Adoro te Devote Gregorian Chant 3:01
    24. Meditation (viii) 0:17
    25. Ego Sum Panis Vivus G. P da Palestrina 2:35
    26. 0 Sacrament Most Holy Trad., art. Mawby 1:55
    27. Meditation (ix) 0:54
    28. 0 Sacrum Convivium Tomas Luis de Victoria 3:54
    29. 0 Sacrum Convivium Hans Leo Hassler 3:59
    30. Meditation (x) 0:46
    31. Tantum Ergo Gregorian Chant 1:04
    32. Tantum Ergo Hendrik Andriessen 1:44
    33. Final Blessing 0:53
    34. Remembering 1932 - John Count McCarmack sings Panic Angelicus 3:44
    35. God Has Been Glorified Colin Mawby 
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O Sacrament Most Holy

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