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Noah and the Animals

Author(s): Juliet David

ISBN13: 9781859859070

ISBN10: 1859859070

Publisher: Candle Books

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  • Bang! Bang! Bang! Went the hammers.

    "What are you doing, Noah?" people asked.

    "God has told me to build a boat called an ark," said Noah.




    "But why?" asked the people. "There is no water here to sail a boat."

    "God says a great flood is coming," replied Noah. "Everyone on the earth will be destroyed, because they have been so wicked."

    "Nonsense!" laughed the people.

    But Noah refused to be put off. So he and his sons went on hammering. At last the ark was finished.




    Then Noah and his family began to round up two of every kind of animal and bird.

    Noah led them all into the ark.

    Last of all Noah and his wife, his sons and their wives went in. Then God shut the door.




    Soon it started to rain. It didn't stop for forty days and forty nights.

    The water rose higher and higher, until the ark was floating. Only the people and animals in the ark were safe.

    At last, after days and days, the water began to go down. The ark came to rest on top of a mountain. Noah wanted to find out if there was any dry land so he sent out a raven. The raven kept flying to and fro until the water dried up.




    Then Noah sent out a dove. But the dove came back because she could find nowhere to land. Noah waited, then sent the dove again. This time she came back with an olive leaf in her beak. "The water must have gone down enough for some trees to be appearing," said Noah.

    A week later Noah sent out the dove a third time. She did not return. Noah knew she must have found a home among the trees. Now Noah opened the door of the ark. The land was now dry. Noah and his family and all the creatures in the ark came out. Noah thanked God for keeping them all safe.




    God put a rainbow in the sky. "I will never send another flood like this," he said.

    "Whenever you see a rainbow, remember my promise”.

  • Juliet David

    Juliet David has written many children stories and Bible activity books. Her other interests include painting, music, and travel to Israel and other Bible lands. This experienced author lives in London with her family.

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