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Nibble Theory and the Kernel of Power

Author(s): Kaleel Jamison

ISBN13: 9780809141876

ISBN10: 0809141876


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  • The Nibble Theory shatters the traditional framework that most of us absorbed as we grew up. Unconsciously, most people carry around some form of the idea that in order for some people to be BIG in the world, others have to be small. But thats not really the case. We know that emotional/intellectual/spiritual space is infinite, even if physical space is limited, but it takes mindful effort to act on that knowledge. It doesnt seem like it should be a revolutionary idea"We can ALL be BIG circles!"and yet for most people, it really is. I still hear comments about the book all the time. People tell me, "This book changed my life! For years I kept myself small to please other people. I never saw how I was doing that until I read The Nibble Theory." Kaleel Jamison cared deeply about the unique combination of gifts and talents that each of us brings to the world. She felt that she had a mission, and feared what would be lost if we, as individuals and organizations, did not take on the sacred responsibility of being, and supporting others in being, the biggest circles possible. Thats what makes this book so important. - Frederick a.
    Miller, President and Ceo, The Katel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc.
  • Kaleel Jamison

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Nibble Theory and the Kernel of Power

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