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New Testament Prayer for Everyone

Author(s): Tom Wright

ISBN13: 9780281069064

ISBN10: 0281069069

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian (3 Sep 2012)

Extent: 160 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 17.3 x 13.7 x 1 cm

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  • A distillation of Tom Wright’s meditations on prayer, drawn from his popular For Everyone series. It includes compelling translations of all the major prayers recorded in the New Testament. The book offers profound insights into the teaching of Jesus and the apostles on the meaning and practice of prayer, with stimulating questions for personal reflection or group discussion.


    A helpful devotional resource, both for fans of the For Everyone commentaries and for anyone who has not yet read them.


    From Tom Wright’s meditation on Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount:


    ‘Prayer is one of life’s great mysteries. Most people pray at least sometimes; some people, in many very different religious traditions, pray a great deal. At its lowest, prayer is shouting into a void on the off-chance there may be someone out there listening. At its highest, prayer merges into love, as the presence of God becomes so real that we pass beyond words and into a sense of his reality, generosity, delight and grace. For most Christians, most of the time, it takes place somewhere in between those two extremes. To be frank, for many people it is not just a mystery but a puzzle. They know they ought to do it but they aren’t quite sure how.’

  • Tom Wright

    Tom Wright is the Bishop of Durham and is a regular broadcaster on radio and television. He is the author of over forty books, including the For Everyone guides to the New Testament, the highly acclaimed series, Christian Origins and the Question of God, and the best-selling books Simply Christian and Surprised by Hope (all SPCK)

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New Testament Prayer for Everyone

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