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New Testament Greek

ISBN13: 9781598561418

ISBN10: 1598561413

Publisher: Hendrickson Publishing

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  • For over twenty years, first-year Greek students have relied on James Allen Hewetts New Testament Greek: A Beginning and Intermediate Grammar for its straightforward approach to the fundamentals of language study. Now completely revised and updated, this trusted grammar will provide a new generation of beginning scholars with a solid foundation for doing translation, exegesis, and biblical interpretation.

    New Testament Greek clearly presents complex Greek grammatical concepts in terms of familiar English grammar.

    Each concept is then illustrated using multiple examples from the New Testament, and students apply their learning with translation exercises drawn directly from biblical text instead of artificial sentences created by grammarians. The CD-ROM included with the textbook contains powerful learning tools for vocalizing Greek, mastering new vocabulary, and identifying verb forms.

    Features include:
    * new chapters providing a foundational understanding of the basic components of language
    * a linguistically informed chapter on how languages communicate meaning
    * detailed explanations of complex grammatical constructions that shed light on biblical meanings
    * grammatical discussions that reflect recent advances in the understanding of Greek tense and case
    * vocabulary study lists based on NT word frequency
    * Greek-to-English translation exercises that help students quickly build competency and confidence
    * optional "A Step Beyond" advanced grammar sections and English-to-Greek translation exercises
    * expanded reference appendixes, including summary word charts, vocabulary lists, and a list of principal parts of common verbs
    * a dictionary of all the Greek words used in the text
    * a complete answer key to the translation exercises on the CD-ROM

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New Testament Greek