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Mystics in Spite of Themselves

Author(s): Robert A. Herrera

ISBN13: 9780802848611

Publisher: W.B.Eerdmans

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  • Most people think that mystics pursue lives of solitude, sequestering themselves away from society in order to dwell solely on God without distraction. In fact, says R. A. Herrera, few who actively engage the world are found among the mystics. However, in Mystics in Spite of Themselves, he examines the lives of four prominent and historically relevant men who broke that rule: Augustine (354, 430), Gregory (540, 604), Anselm (1033, 1109), and Ramon Llull (1233, 1315). Though separated from the hermitage, desert, or cell that they may have craved, they are still rightly called mystics.

    Herrera brings to life the tumultuous times in which these men lived, and explores what kind of challenges they faced , the burdens of work, ill health, and the longing for a different kind of life. Nevertheless, these four men were thinkers and writers who had a powerful impact on their worlds as well as on the history of spirituality. They proved it was possible to be involved in the world without being immersed in it, to be engaged in earthly particulars while also keeping their minds and hearts on higher things.

  • Robert A. Herrera

    R. A. Herrera is emeritus professor of philosophy at Seton Hall Divinity School. Among his many writings are Donoso Cortes: Cassandra of the Age and Reasons for Our Rhymes: An Inquiry into the Philosophy of History.

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    Provides a timely antidote to the crass materialism of our secular culture by reminding us of the spiritual dimension of human life. The lives and work of the four philosopher-theologians presented here speak to us across the ages. ... Herreras book is carefully researched and admirably well written. Highly recommended for young and old alike.


Mystics in Spite of Themselves

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