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Mystical City of God, 4 Vol Set

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ISBN13: 9780895558251


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  • This magnificent 4-volume hardbound set is an heirloom book that should be in every Catholic home library. Dictated to Ven. Mary of Agreda (1601-1664) by the Blessed Mother herself, this amazing book of revelations about the life of Mary and the divine plan for creation and the salvation of souls has been enthralling readers for centuries. Composed of the Conception, Incarnation, Transfixion and Coronation, this magnificent narrative takes the reader through the various stages of the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, plus it reveals all sorts of facts about our entire salvation history. Reproduced at 100% of the size in the original book and printed from the original negatives for complete fidelity.


    Mar?¡a Fern?índez Coronel y Arana, Abbess of ?ügreda or, known in religion as Sor (Sister) Mar?¡a de Jesós de ?ügreda (2 April 1602 , 24 May 1665), also known as the Lady in Blue and the Blue Nun, was born and died in ?ügreda, a town located in the province of Soria, Castile and León, Spain. She was the daughter of Don Francisco Coronel and his wife Catalina de Arana; all the members of her family were powerfully influenced by the religious fervor so prevalent in Spain in that period. A devout practitioner of quiet prayer, and she was known to experience religious ecstasy after receiving the sacraments.

    Her biographer and a contemporary, Bishop Jose Jimenez Samaniego, was a longtime friend of the Coronel family, and records that even as a young girl she was filled with divine knowledge. From her early years, he writes, she was favored by ecstasies and visions and became a noted mystic of her era. At the age of four, Maria de Agreda was confirmed by Bishop Don Diego de Yepes, the biographer and last confessor of St. Teresa of Avila, because he was so impressed with Marias spiritual acumen.

    When Maria was fifteen the whole family adopted the Catholic religious life. Her father, then considered an older man in his early fifties, entered the Franciscan house of San Antonio de Nalda. Her brothers continued their studies toward the priesthood, in Burgos. Maria, her mother and sister established a Franciscan nunnery through the Congregation of the Immaculate Conception in the family house at Agreda. Later, as enrollment grew, this was replaced by the building still existing. Construction of the new convent facility was begun with only twenty-four reales (approximately two and a half Spanish dollars at the time) in the convent coffers, supplemented by a donation of 100 reales from a devotee. It was completed in 1633 by voluntary gifts and labor. At the death of her mother, Maria was appointed president of the convent as locum tenens at the age of twenty-five, after which she was elected by the convents nuns as abbess. Though the rules required the abbess to be changed every three years, Maria remained effectively in charge of the Agreda convent until her death, except for a three year sabbatical in her fifties.

    In 1670, five years after her death, Samaniego told how at the age of twenty-two she had been miraculously conveyed to Texas and New Mexico, to convert a native people, and had made five hundred bilocations for that purpose in one year. This was recounted more than 200 years later in the first edition (in 1888) of Michael Mullers book, Catholic Dogma. Throughout her life, Maria de Agreda was inclined to the "internal prayer" or "quiet prayer" for which the Franciscans are noted. Like her countrywoman St. Teresa of Avila, these prayerful experiences inevitably led to her ecstasies, including witnessed accounts of levitation. Then, as reports of her mystical excursions to the New World proliferated, the Inquisition took notice of her, although she was not proceeded against with severity.
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Mystical City of God, 4 Vol Set

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