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My Father's Business: St Luke's Narrative of the Ministry of Jesus

Author(s): Matthew Byrne

ISBN13: 9781856076388

ISBN10: 1856076385


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  • St Luke presents the ministry of Jesus in two sections -one in Galilee, the second in Judea.

    My Fathers Business is about the Galilean ministry. It looks exclusively at St Lukes record of Jesus living and working in the context of the customs, religion and prejudices of the day.

    We see Jesus the boy growing up in Nazareth, then Jesus the man about thirty years old. Baptised by John the Baptist, he begins his work, and immediately meets the antagonism that will dog him all the way to Calvary.

    The book wonders about Jesus brothers and sisters, and suggests that he wasnt the carpenter that tradition makes him. It tries to reflect the sensitive interest of Luke the physician in Jesus healing ministry.

    My Fathers Business looks briefly at the leading personalities: John the Baptist - his huge popularity, and his execution at the opportunistic whim of Herodias; Herod Antipas - his incestuous adultery, and his running war with the Arab king, Areta; the Twelve Apostles - chosen and launched into their training within sight and sound of Jesus preaching and work, with hands-on experience.
  • Matthew Byrne

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My Father's Business: St Luke's Narrative of the Ministry of Jesus

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