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My Dad

Author(s): Charles Fuge

ISBN13: 9781862335134

ISBN10: 1862335133

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse - Ballycoolin D 11

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  • The popular picture book by celebrated illustrator Charles Fuge (I Know a Rhino, Its a Monster Party, Sometimes I Like to Curl Up in a Ball) is now available in board-just in time for Fathers Day.

    A cuddly cub claims to have "the roughest, toughest dad in the whole jungle." But his awesome, fearsome description of Daddy-"teeth sharper than an alligator, more claws than an eagle"- scares away all his friends, one by one. Suddenly, the little bear is all alone in the forest, and very frightened. Guess who saves the day? The final illustration of the smiling cub wrapped in his Daddys arms will warm every heart.

    A delightfully funny and touching tale by award-winning author/illustrator, Charles Fuge.

  • Charles Fuge

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    As a little bear brags that his father is the roughest and toughest animal in the jungle, he ferociously demonstrates all the things his dad can do, using bananas for claws and parsnips for fangs. When his small bear friends run away in terror, he finds himself alone in a very scary clearing until a menacing shadow reveals itself to be, his daddy! This big, cheerful picture book (first published in Great Britain) echoes just the kind of scenario that a pre-schooler likes to play out with a congenial adult. Never mind that bears dont live in jungles and that a polar bear (one of the friends) is seldom found near a banana tree! Colors are vivid, especially the greens and yellows of the foliage, while characters are bold and cartoon-like. Daddy is huge, dark brown and furry, and terribly reassuring as he carries the little one away on his shoulder. Young listeners may like to act this out for themselves, or just revel time and again (thanks to the sturdy pages) in the happy reunion after all that delicious shivering. 2003, Sterling, Ages 2 to 5.

    - Barbara L. Talcroft - Childrens Literature

    PreS-K-A little bear wants to impress his friends, so he brags about his dads strength, sharp teeth, and many claws. With each boast he scares away one playmate and moves deeper into the jungle. At last he finds himself all alone with jungle noises and the approaching shadow of a big, scary beast. The beast turns out to be big, cuddly Daddy coming to find his little cub. The pictures are the strong suit of this book. Fuges bright, stylized illustrations in yellows, greens, browns, and lots of white are expressive and appealing. While children will enjoy the anticlimactic thrill of this simple story, Jez Alborough does a better job and offers more suspense and humor in Watch Out! Big Bros Coming (Candlewick, 1998). Nevertheless, this warm, fuzzy father-son book is a fine addition to larger collections.

    - School Library Journal


My Dad

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