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My Angel Will Go Before You

Author(s): George Huber

ISBN13: 9780870610837

ISBN10: 087061083X

Publisher: SCEPTER (UK) LTD

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  • Do angels exist? Are they not just a pious fiction invented to please children , like Father Christmas? In this modern era does it make sense to seek the help of guardian angels?

    This book shows that angels do exist and that they play an active part in our everyday lives. It is not a theological treatise; it answers questions anybody would ask and does so in a very practical way. It uses arguments from the authority of the Church - the Church teachings, the evidence of the scriptures and the liturgy, and the writings of the Saints and Masters of the spiritual life.
  • George Huber

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    This book on angels, with an impressive introduction by the late Cardinal Charles Journet, addresses the ordinary person. It is not a theological treatise; it answers questions people are asking and does so in a very preactical way, using arguments from authority, the experiences of recent Popes, the teaching of Vatican II, the evidence of the Bible and the Liturgy, and the writings of saints and masters of the spiritual life. LOsservatore Romano.

    The best book on the angels since Mortimer Adlers The Angels and Us. It maintains that angels do indeed exist, that they play an effective and subtle part in peoples everyday life. Publishers Weekly.

    Georges Huber, a journalist, has put his material together skillfully, using but not over-using a substantial number of quotations from the Bible and the Fathers. Church Times.


My Angel Will Go Before You

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