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Music for Your Wedding Musicbook

ISBN13: 9781853908194

ISBN10: 1853908193

Publisher: Veritas

Extent: 26 pages

Binding: Spiral-Bound

Size: 29.4 x 21.4 x 1 cm

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  • Music For Your Wedding is a timely resource which contains thirty songs and hymns in various musical styles: contemporary liturgical songs with organ. piano and/or guitar accompaniment, hymns, traditional Irish melodies with texts in English arranged for keyboard and for small ensembles (for example Irish harp, flute and violin) and Irish language settings. There are biblical canticles and psalms (including the special responsorial psalms provided in the Lectionary for the celebration of marriage), a Jewish blessing prayer and modern compositions.


    This collection will encourage solo singers at weddings to exercise their liturgical ministry as cantors, that is, to sing the verses and invite the congregation to sing the refrains.


    Music For Your Wedding can also be used during pre-marriage courses. Couples could be given the peoples edition and invited to listen to the cassette tapes together. This would challenge them with a rich and attractive presentation of the great themes of the sacrament which they are about to celebrate: covenant, fidelity, marriage `in the Lord, the great commandment of love, the bond of the Spirit and the providence of God in their lives.

    Wedding Songs

    1. When Love is found
    2. Covenant Song
    3. Married in the Lord
    4. The Servant Song
    5. Love is patient
    6. Wedding Song
    7. We praise you, 0 Lord
    8. We will live in the Lord
    9. Wedding Berakah
    10. In perfect charity
    11. 0 Father all creating
    12. Blessing the marriage
    13. Lord and lover of creation
    14. This is our prayer
    15. Spiorad De
    16. Ag an bPosadh Bhi I gCana
    17. Fion agus Uisce
    18. Hymn to Love

    Responsorial Psalms

    1. Psalm 32 (33). The Lord fills the earth with his Love.
    2. Psalm 33(34). Taste and see the goodness of the Lord.
    3. Psalm 102 (103). Your love never fails those who revere you, Lord.
    4. Psalm 111(112) . Happy are those who take delight in the Lords commands.
    5. Palm 127(128). See how the Lord blesses those who fear him.
    6. Psalm 144 (145). How good is the Lord to all.
    7. Psalm 148. Alleluia, praise the Lord from the heavens.
    8. Psalm 148. Alleluia, Molaigi an Tiarna o na Flaithis.

    Gospel Acclamations

    1. Alleluia and Lenten Acclamation
    2. Celtic Alleluia with alternative Lenten text.
    3. Folk Alleluia
    4. Seinn Alleluia
    5. Alleluia as Gaeilge

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Music for Your Wedding Musicbook

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