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Mother Teresa In the Name of God's Poor

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  • One of the 20th centurys greatest humanitarians. Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu committed herself to life of religious service from the age of just 12.

    Travelling to Abbeys across Europe, she eventually found herself called to Calcutta where she setup the Missionary Of Charities in 1950. There she ministered to some of the poorest, most desperate and helpless souls in the world, devoting her tireless energies, kindness and blessings on an extraordinary number of the communities.

    This touching, epic recreation of her incredible life honours the memory and sacrifices of a unique human being, one of the most loved, respected and revered in history.
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    Geraldine Chaplin gives an inspiring performance as Mother Teresa in this new drama on her life. Shot on location in Sri Lanka, this top-quality production gives an authentic, dramatic portrayal of this extraordinary woman who left the comfort of teaching in a Catholic school to dedicate her life to the dying and destitute in the slums of Calcutta.


Mother Teresa In the Name of God's Poor

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