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Money and Faith

Author(s): Schut Michael

ISBN13: 9780819223272

ISBN10: 0819223271


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  • Talking about money in a personal way remains more of a taboo than sex or politics. This seems odd within a Christian context since Jesus addressed topics of money, poverty and wealth more than probably any other concern. For many, money becomes an idol; it certainly has for our culture as we pursue "economic growth" no matter the cost to the overall well-being of Gods entire creation. Where money is an idol, "enough" is always more than we have right now, and scarcity becomes the lens through which we see the world. On a personal level this book opens up issues of scarcity and abundance, idolatry and freedom; on a societal level it invites exploration of greater equity and sustainability. On both levels it empowers individuals and groups to practically apply their faiths values. The book seeks to balance a pastoral and prophetic stance while being a practical guide as well. In the ways we relate to and feel about money, we need to experience the nurturing companion-ship of a wise, compassionate pastor or spiritual guide. In some of our societys more powerful assumptions, such as "more is better," "time is money" and "economic growth is an unquestioned societal good," we need to experience the power, strength, anger and call to repentance of an Old Testament prophet. And in the face of great need, inequities, and ecological degradation, we need practical guidance for actions, decisions, and policies that will lead us toward a world where there is enough for all.
  • Schut Michael

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Money and Faith

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