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Moment of Christ

Author(s): John Main

ISBN13: 9781848250208

ISBN10: 1848250207


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  • In this, the last book he wrote before his death, the spiritual writer John Main characteristically turns to the source and focus of all his inspirational teaching about prayer , the presence of Christ. He writes,

    Learning to meditate is the most practical thing in the world. You require only one quality when you begin. That is seriously to want to learnThe central message of the New Testament is that there is really only one prayer and that this prayer is the prayer of Christ. It is a prayer that continues in our heart day and night.

    John Main describes this prayer as the stream of love that flows constantly between Jesus and his Father. John Main believed that the most important goal for any fully human life that we should become receptive to this stream of love. Stillness and silence before God is the way to achieve this. Leaving distraction behind, we find fullness of life in love and silence. A striking feature of the book is its emphasis on simplicity and moving beyond "techniques" of prayer.

  • John Main

    John Main, OSB, became a Benedictine monk after diplomatic service in the Far East and teaching law at Trinity College, Dublin. He founded an open Benedictine community in Montreal from which sprang the World Community for Christian Meditation, a worldwide spiritual family linked through the daily practice of meditation, operating in 114 countries and with 100,000 members worldwide.

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    John Main effectively put the desert tradition of prayer to work in our own day. The roots of his distinctive spirituality lie deep in the fourth and fifth centuries, especially in the works of that great expositor of the desert world, John Cassian. The World Community for Christian Meditation which continues his mission is for me, as for many throughout the world, a taste of what a commitedly contemplative church might look and feel like.

    - Rowan Williams

    John Main opened the way to the direct experience of God, of truth, of reality from within the Christian tradition. He was a man of great wisdom and above all of great love.

    - Bede Griffiths


Moment of Christ

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