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Mission & Death of Jesus in Islam & Christianity

Author(s): Mathias Zahniser

ISBN13: 9781570758072

ISBN10: 1570758077

Publisher: ORBIS BOOKS

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  • Though Christians and Muslims hold differing views of the mission and death of Jesus, careful study of the Quran may bridge that gap.

    The common wisdom is that Christians and Muslims should dialogue only about what they agree on. This book takes a different approach. As the author observes, "If we focus only on our common ground, we will miss some of the motivating force of our traditions, because that force derives not only from what we hold in common, but also from those convictions that keep us apart."

    Zahniser focuses on one of the particularly divisive issues separating Christians and Muslimsnamely, differing views on the mission and death of Jesus. And yet in a close study of the Quran he finds surprising grounds for mutual understanding. In leading the reader toward comprehension of the "other," Zahniser shows that "our pilgrimage together will reveal that the force of differences will appear less by looking more closely at normative sources in contrast with later interpretation."

  • Mathias Zahniser

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Mission & Death of Jesus in Islam & Christianity