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Missing the Mark: Sin and its Consequences

in Biblical Theology

Author(s): Mark E. Biddle

ISBN13: 9780687494620

ISBN10: 0687494621

Publisher: Abingdon Press

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  • Biddle addresses the essential nature of sin. He examines the dominant Christian understanding of sin, carefully rereads key biblical texts, and reveals the lexical depth of meaning in the biblical tradition. "Missing the Mark" examines the following aspects of the subject of sin: key passages and terms in the Old and New Testaments that deal with sin, its consequences, its effect on the community; reflection on the nature of sin, including original sin, in classical Christian theology; the relationship of the biblical theology of sin to Western juridical practice as well as philosophy, psychology, and the social sciences; and, the implications of the biblical theology of sin for the life of the church and Christian ministry.
  • Mark E. Biddle

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Missing the Mark: Sin and its Consequences

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