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Miracles of Exodus

Author(s): Colin Humphreys

ISBN13: 9780826469526

ISBN10: 0826469523


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  • After seven years of meticulous research Colin Humphreys has written a fascinating and involving book on the miracles of Exodus and the Israelites escape from Egypt. Although Humphreys uses science to explain the events of Exodus, he does not believe that this makes them any less miraculous - rather, God is the force behind the science. The author answers key questions about the Exodus, such as how many Israelites were involved and how they manage to survive in the desert for 40 years. He argues that the Israelites did indeed cross over the Red Sea (and not the Reed Sea as some scholars claim) and that the real Mount Sinai is not in the Sinai Peninsula but is a volcano in Arabia. Humphreys provides convincing biblical evidence to support his views and his treatment of the subject is fresh, passionate and often amusing. Humphreys concludes: I am well aware that most scholars believe the book of Exodus is riddled with errors and inconsistencies. Ive subjected the biblical text to a real grilling in this book, and I can only stand back in amazement at its accuracy and consistency, down to points of tiny detail The Exodus story revealed in this book is truly astonishing, amazing and inspirational.

  • Colin Humphreys

    Colin Humphreys is Professor of Materials Science of Cambridge University.

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Miracles of Exodus

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