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Messengers of Joy: How Important is the Priest Today

Author(s): N/A

ISBN13: 9781853902741

ISBN10: 1853902748

Publisher: Veritas Books

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  • How important is priesthood today? What do priests themselves feel? These questions, and many others, are addressed in Cardinal Danneels thought-provoking Easter letter to his people.

    He discusses the joy of a vocation to the priesthood, which has at its root a passionate love of Christ and the Church. He examines the phenomenon falling vocations and highlights the value of celibacy in the current climate of generalised eroticism, suggesting that it would not truly be a prophetic act to
    suppress it as a requirement for ministry. Finally, the Cardinal looks at some of the new and difficult issues now facing clergy, including Aids, bioethics and the increase in marital breakdown.

    Cardinal Danneels asserts that in spite of all the pitfalls and difficulties, a vocation is something which is alive within a person, and we are left in no doubt about the importance of the role and-function of the priest in our self-seeking and increasingly secularised world.
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Messengers of Joy: How Important is the Priest Today

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