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Medjugorje Triumph of the Heart

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  • A book this genuine was needed! Sister Emmanuel offers through it a pure echo of Medjugorje, the eventful village where the Mother of God has been appearing since 1981. She shares at length some of the personal stories of the villagers, the visionaries, and the pilgrims who flock there by the thousands, receiving great healings. Ten years of awe have inspired this book.
    These 89 stories offer a glimpse into the miracles of Marys motherly love. More than just a book, this is a (one-way) ticket to happiness!

    "The Gospa is a Mom; she invites us to be her vehicles, really happy, and not floating in the clouds. She calls us to be concrete like her. Thats why this book is important! It reveals the marvels our Mother works out in our hearts, through Medjugorje. I pray to God for the readers: may this book help you, may these testimonies be an example to change your life."

    Marija Pavlovic-Lunetti - One of the Visionaries at Medjugorje

  • Sister Emmanuel

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    "This book fills me with joy, as I too am a supporter, protector and propagator of Medjugorje. Sister Emmanuels presence in Medjugorje is providential: she has a charism of clarity to explain the messages and events of Medjugorje."

    - Monsignor Franc Franic, Archbishop Emeritus of Split (Croatia)


Medjugorje Triumph of the Heart

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