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Peace In My Heart

Author(s): Michael Douglas

ISBN13: 9780992781118

ISBN10: 0992781116

Publisher: Elvira Publishing (March 2014)

Extent: 161 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 19 x 14 x 1 cm

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  • This story is about how I discovered peace in my heart; it is also about many spiritual experiences that occurred over the years prior to hearing about the Medjugorje and going there.


    At the time of writing this book, 2007 I had been to Medjugorje three times. After I returned from Medjugorje in 2010 I felt prompted to write about the peace I had found in my heart.


    How to go about writing the story was a mystery to me. It was only years later I developed the skills of typing and learning how to use a computer that I gained the courage to write about the Medjugorje. I’m not sure what the reader will make of this story as it’s about my own personal experience which occurred over a period of time, but I leave you to form your own conclusion.


     - Michael Douglas

  • Michael Douglas

    Michael Douglas was born in Dublin Ireland in 1954. His first book, "Medjugorje Peace in My Heart" is about the many spiritual experiences he experienced over the years prior to hearing about Medjugorje and then going there. After he returned from Medjugorje in 2001, he felt prompted to write about the peace he had found in his heart, but it would be another 5 years before he would but pen to paper. Michael's second book "Medjugorje: The New Road to Damascus" is a book of stories. Michael works as a medical coordinator in a medical university in Dublin Ireland.

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