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Meditating on the Mysteries

Lectio Divina

Author(s): Michel De Verteuil

ISBN13: 9781853903922

ISBN10: 1853903922

Publisher: Veritas Books

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  • The Rosary has been a favourite prayer for generations, taught to little children and a source of strength and consolation throughout life. Fr Michel de Verteuil, author of the bestselling Your Word is a Light for my Steps (Veritas, 1996) brings the method of Lectio devena propounded there to these meditations, linking each one to a passage from scripture.

    Through meditations on the fifteen mysteries we enter into their sacred stories, allowing them to carry us into a deeper, richer life here on earth, with the promise of fulfillment in heaven. The scripture extracts proposed are just one possibility , other passages may also be read in conjunction with the meditations, while the extracts from the spiritual writings though the centuries provide a link with the wisdom of humanity.

  • Michel De Verteuil

    Fr Michel de Verteuil has been director of the lay apostolate in the Archdiocese of Port of Spain, Trinidad for the past 23 years. During this time he became interested in lectio divina, a method which he has helped to spread in the Caribbean, in Ireland, in Canada and by means of the Internet, throughout the world. He was rector of the Regional Seminary of the Caribbean for eight years, Provincial of the Holy Ghost Fathers in Trinidad for twelve years, Editor of the Catholic News of Trinidad and Tobago for ten years and is now Director of a Centre for Biblical Renewal.

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Meditating on the Mysteries