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Meditate on Knock Apparition

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  • This little booklet is my heartfelt but very inadequate thanksgiving offering to our Heavenly Father for his gift to Ireland at Knock of the Apparition of the Lamb of the Book of the Apocalypse, the Lambs Immaculate Mother, his foster father St. Joseph and his beloved disciple St. John. It reflects, I hope, my gratitude for all the spiritual riches which praying and pondering the message of this Apparition has already blessed and continues to bless me with every time I visit Knock.

    I offer it as an encouragement to all pilgrims to explore in prayerful, reflective meditation the prophetic meaning and message of the Knock Apparition which, most surely, is for our own day. When Sr. Lucia of Fatima was asked about the third secret given her by Our Lady she answered: `Read chapters seven and eight of the Apocalypse (Revelation) and you will understand.

    Because of its silence and stillness I have always contemplated the beautiful, ethereal, white marble statues, imaging the Knock Apparition on the gable end of the Old Church, as a tableau in two scenes, presented simultaneously. The first scene: the Lamb upon the altar, the empty Cross behind him and the adoring angels in constant movement around him, is apocalyptic. It comes straight out of The Book of Revelation, in which St. John the Evangelist `the seer is given a vision of `what is to come in the future. This message is at the heart of the whole glorious apparition, and it is for our time.

    Sr. Helen Weston S.J.C.
  • Helen Weston

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    Many people will find joy in this little book of Meditations on the Knock Apparition.

    + Bishop Dermot OMahony

    A welcome addition to the literature on the Knock Apparition. Make sure it gets published.

    - Fr. John OConnor O.S.A.

    This book puts into words the great silence of the Apparition.
    I would recommend it for use in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament or for reflection on visits to the Shrine.

    - Barbara Bodley - Organiser of Parish Novena

    This book encapsulates the whole of my Christian worship. What a gem! It captures the essence of the Apparition, looks at the role of angels in the Book of Tobit and understands a fathers role and responsibilities in the family. We get Revelation, prophecy and much more. Anyone who wishes to understand this unique Apparition in depth should read this book.

    - Br. Frank Bodley, Bodley Financial

    Brilliant! It throws new light of the uniqueness of this Apparition. It would make a wonderful catechetical video or CD.


Meditate on Knock Apparition

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