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May I Walk You Home? Courage and Comfort for Caregivers

of the Very Ill

ISBN13: 9780877936701

ISBN10: 0877936706


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  • Walking a companion home is an old-fashioned custom, often lost in our modern era. But there was once a time when walks home from school, from church, or from a dance were common place. Walking someone home was a way of offering protection and guidance, an opportunity to reflect on life and what had just been experienced. Joyce Hutchison and Joyce Rupp capture the spirit of that personal companionship for those who accompany the dying on their final journey. Hutchisons moving stories relate her many experiences of caring for the dying, tracing the moments of joy, experiences of connection, and glimpses of heaven that occur along the way. Rupps simple and tender prayers express beautifully the struggle and rewards of this companionship, offering caregivers both strength and hope. Joyce Hutchison provides a wonderful example of what it is like to simply be there with one who is seriously ill or dying, how to listen, when to speak, how to provide encouragement, and most of all, how ones simple presence can enable the dying person to let go and make the final step of the journey in peace. Joyce Rupp follows each story with a prayer experience consisting of a meditation exercise, a poetic prayer, and an affirmation for the day. Whether family members, friends, chaplains, or health care workers, caregivers will find here much inspiration and support for their ministry.

  • Joyce Hutchison

    Joyce Rupp

    Joyce Rupp is well-known for her work as a writer, spiritual midwife, international retreat leader, and conference speaker. She is the author of numerous bestselling books, including Praying Our GoodbyesOpen the Door, and Fragments of Your Ancient Name. Rupp is a member of the Servite (Servants of Mary) community and the codirector of the Institute of Compassionate Presence. She resides in Des Moines, Iowa.

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    'Joyce Rupp is one of the best Christian spiritual guides writing today.'

    , James Martin, S.J. Author of My Life with the Saints)

    'Joyce Rupps value as a guide for the spiritual journey is without question.'

    , Paula DArcy Author of Sacred Threshold

    'Joyce Rupp has the remarkable ability to help people find God in their everyday experience. Her writing offers clear and practical guidance for all who are on the journey of faith.'

    , Robert R. Bimonte, F.S.C. Executive Director NCEA Elementary Department


May I Walk You Home? Courage and Comfort for Caregivers

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