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Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ, expanded edition

ISBN13: 9780826481559

ISBN10: 0826481558


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  • Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ is the 5th statement of the second phase of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) and brings to completion the mandate the Commission was given when it began its work in 1983.

    The Seattle Statement is an agreed statement concerning Christian faith and devotion related to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is portrayed within the pattern of grace and hope. It is a powerful reflection of ARCICs efforts to seek out can be held in common and a celebration of important aspects of a common heritage.

    This edition of Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ includes supporting essays and theological commentary by distinguished theologians including Timothy Bradshaw, Sara Butler, Charles Sherlock and Jared Wicks.A detailed study guide addresses the main themes of the Seattle Statement, and is designed to introduce the document and its subject to students at all levels, and is particularly oriented towards use in parishes and discussion groups.

    Table of Contents

    1. The Seattle Statement
    2. Study Guide
    Supporting essays and commentaries
    3. The Anglican Commentary (Timothy Bradshaw)
    4. The Roman Catholic Commentary (Jared Wicks)
    5. The Journey (Anglican Perspectives - Charles Sherlock)
    6. The Journey (RC Perspectives - Sara Butler)
    7. The Pitcures (Representations of Mary from around the world)
    Members of the Commission

  • ARCIC Anglican/Roman Catholic International Commission

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Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ, expanded edition

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