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Marginal Jew, Vol 1

Author(s): John P. Meier

ISBN13: 9780300140187

ISBN10: 0300140185

Publisher: Veritas

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  • In this definitive book on the real, historical Jesus, one of our foremost biblical scholars meticulously sifts the evidence of 2,000 years to portray neither a rural magician nor a figure of obvious power, but a marginal Jew.

  • John P. Meier

    John P. Meier is William K. Warren Chair Professor of Theology (New Testament), Theology Department, University of Notre Dame. He has been both president of the Catholic Biblical Association and the general editor of the Catholic Biblical Quarterly. He lives in South Bend, IN.

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    This second volume in the authors life of Jesus (Vol. 1, LJ 10/15/91) discusses his ministry, focusing on his miracles, healings, other wonder works, and teachings concerning the coming kingdom of God. Meier, a Catholic priest and teacher at Catholic University of America, stresses Jesus great dependence on the teachings and thought of John the Baptist. Meier continues to expound his thesis that Jesus was a marginal Jew in a marginal eastern Mediterranean society during the first century. Meiers extremely long, dense text, heavily documented by many footnotes, is hard going indeed and will appeal mainly to scholars in the field. All collections owning Volume 1, however, should buy this continuation. Two other recent lives of Jesus are easier to grasp by general readers and would appeal more to the public at large: John D. Crossans The Historical Jesus (LJ 2/1/92) and A.N. Wilsons Jesus: A Life (LJ 9/15/92).-Robert A. Silver, formerly with Shaker Heights P.L., Ohio

    - Library Journal

    This second volume of Meiers proposed trilogy follows Jesus from young adulthood into the early days of his ministry as an itinerant evangelist and wonder-worker in rural, first-century Palestine. Using historical and literary criticism, Meier reveals a Jesus who, after his encounter with the apocalyptic activities of John the Baptist, develops his own message about a coming kingdom of God and then reveals it through a variety of miracles from healings to exorcisms. The Jesus of Nazareth who emerges from this study is neither the cosmic Christ of Matthew Fox nor the sanitized Savior of the New Age. Hes an eschatological preacher and miracle worker. Meiers brilliant scholarship sparkles on every page of this book. Indeed, because of its narrative power and its deep insight, Meiers trilogy is likely to become the standard against which other lives of Jesus are to be measured.

    - Publishers Weekly


Marginal Jew, Vol 1

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