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Many Saints, Many Ways

Author(s): Phyllis Wezeman

ISBN13: 9780877939733

ISBN10: 087793973X

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse - Ballycoolin D 11

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  • Many Saints Many Ways: Multiple Intelligences Activities for Grades 1 to 6 offers catechists and other religious educators the chance to explore the inspiring lives of many of the greatest saints of our Christian faith using the most timely of learning style approaches.

    As you know, children learn in many different ways, using a combination of learning styles. This resource draws on the latest research surrounding the concept of Multiple Intelligences to explain the ways that people learn and offers appropriate exercises, activities, and other lesson ideas that fit each of these eight styles:


    Hence, a unit on Saint Francis of Assisi includes singing and body movements for those who learn best in the bodily/kinesthetic approach, creating a bird feeder for those who are primarily naturalists, and puppet making for learners who are more visual/spatial.

    Twelve saints-one for each month-are included in the resource. Of course, no one learns exclusively by any one intelligence or learning style. These exercises, activities, and lessons are easily adaptable and enjoyable for all children in the primary and intermediate grades. An index lists activities under several different learning and curriculum categories.

    Two main values of this book, then, are that lessons on saints can be refreshed on a monthly and yearly basis and that students who learn in different ways will have plenty of opportunities to learn in the style that most fits their intelligence. Jesus used "Multiple Intelligences" before it was educational theory. Jesus improvised the lesson based on his listeners and their needs. While none of us can expect to teach like the Master, we can adopt a more flexible approach that allows creativity and innovation to guide our lesson preparation and presentation.

    While the activities in Many Saints, Many Ways are mainly intended for students in grades 1 to 6, they may be easily adapted for use with adolescence or young adults, either in large or small group settings.

    So although the stories of the saints have been told, re-told, written about, and re-written countless times, Many Saints, Many Ways offers participants an opportunity to explore and experience the message anew. As you use this resource, may you find many ways to share Biblical stories, historical stories, and your own personal stories in order to keep alive the purpose of every saint: to draw each of us closer to God.
  • Phyllis Wezeman

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Many Saints, Many Ways

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