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Managing with Heart

Studying Community and Voluntary Services

Author(s): Joe McCann

ISBN13: 9781847301024

ISBN10: 1847301029

Publisher: Veritas

Extent: 160 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 14 x 1.3 x 21 cm

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  • In 2006, over 4,000 Irish community and voluntary groups responded to a Trinity College survey of the sector. They described themselves as community or voluntary or non-profit organisations, as well as charities and non-governmental organisations. They worked in fields such as education, recreation, economic, social and community development as well as various artistic, social and environmental pursuits.

    Since 2002, All Hallows, a College of Dublin City University, located in the heart of Dublins North Side, has offered a unique post-graduate programme for Management in the Community and Voluntary Sector. Students of that programme have examined the issues that arise when the skills and techniques of management , largely developed for businesses with a profit motive , are applied to questions of value and belief, ideal and spirit, service and mission, advocacy and moral principle.

    The articles in this book cover a wide area of activities, including education and training, food distribution, publishing, chaplaincy in shopping centres, youth work, poverty alleviation, and perennial management concerns such as decision-making, collaboration and liaison between organisations, spirit and ethos within organisations, strategic planning and motivational leadership.

  • Joe McCann

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    ln 2006, there were almost 550,000 people involved in volunteering activity in the Republic of Ireland with about 282,000 people formally estimated to be involved in volunteering in Northern Ireland. Thats about one in every seven people living on the island and while there has been much hand-wringing about declining levels of voluntary activity, organisations and agencies continue to enhance the volunteering experience. But not all volunteering activity relies on those who give of their time freely; many organisations are also employers with formal management structures. This book charts some of the developments in the community and voluntary sector (CVS) in lreland through the work of the postgraduate programme in the Management in the Community and Voluntary Sector, run from All Hallows, Dublin.

    ln the foreword, McCann traces the development of volunteering from the beginning of the 20th century through to the seemingly professionalised services provided by the multitude of agencies, service providers and non-governmental organisations now extant in Ireland. What characterises this sector above all is the importance of idealism and commitment and management of this sector differs from the for-profit sector in this way. Talent and motivation of the people involved in the CVS is also important for managers and this provides the inspiration for many of the papers presented in this volume. The volume also raises some key questions about organisations where there is no obvious bottom-line measurement of the effect of your work. This is no less relevant to the Church in Ireland at this time: how do leaders harness the talent and maintain the motivation of those working in a voluntary capacity for an organisation that has no monetary or profit motive?

    ln his paper entitled Managing a Christian Ethos in the Workplace: the case of Catholrc Youth Care, Cerard Callagher tackles a central question for many of the voluntary organisations now working in Ireland: how does an organisation maintain a Christian ethos in an environment where not all employees or volunteers profess a Christian faith or indeed any faith? How does that organisation communicate a common spirituality to its workers? Callagher demonstrates that an organisation with a defined Catholic ethos can employ people who do not necessarily share this ethos with a little innovative management.

    This is a collection of essays on volunteering in an lrish context which, while not always clearly outlining what it means to manage with heart, is a valuable resource in laying out the ground for further research. lt raises some interesting questions about branding and managing in a sector that is rapidly changing in a newly-wealthy society. ln this way it is a good snapshot of this vitalll, important sector. lt is of great relevance to those who have an interest in managing and retaining the skills and time of those who give of their time freely and willingly.

    - Intercom, Eoin OMahony, Columba Centre, Maynooth

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Managing with Heart

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