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Making It Happen

Success Strategies for Everyone

ISBN13: 9781856354875

ISBN10: 1856354873


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  • The tale of how Mark Pollock overcame sudden blindness, which he suffered at the age of 21, to attempt and achieve remarkable feats, has inspired people to look at their own lives and attempt to do more with them. Mark, though, has been a little bit surprised by the fuss and he decided to investigate, with his friend Ross Whitaker, the reasons why some people make excuses, while others make it happen. This book is the document of his findings. The structure of the book comes from Marks step by step path to recovery. In every area of significance he has interviewed other successful people to find out what they do to succeed. The book takes the reader through the steps, and challenges the reader to look at his/her own life to see what more they might do to achieve his/her dreams.
  • Mark Pollock

    Ross Whitaker

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Making It Happen

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