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Making Faith Fun

Author(s): Amy Viets

ISBN13: 9780879463038

ISBN10: 0879463031


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  • Most people have heard the exhortation that merely attending Sunday Mass with the family is not enough for a fulfilling spiritual family life. We know that we need to make time for spiritual development, but knowing and doing are two completely different things. In Making Faith Fun, Amy Viets points out that perhaps trying to carve out a block of time for family spirituality is a mistake. To weave faith into the mesh of our lives, she provides activities and games that can be done each day with kids, from infants and toddlers up through preteens. Chapters are organized by age groups and based on such everyday routines as:

    On the Road
    Chore Time
    The Great
    At the Store
    While You Wait
    Outdoors Around the Table
    Bedtime Special Occasions

  • Amy Viets

    AMY VIETS is the Director of Children’s Ministry for a large ELCA Lutheran congregation. She has written articles and essays for numerous parenting and religious publications. Amy lives with her husband and their three children in Overland Park, Kansas.

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    Limiting devotional time to some distant date when we could all get together wasnt a very worthy expression of our faith. What we needed was the living faith we spoke of in our liturgy at church. Instead of making our family fit into the traditional mold of devotion time, we needed to weave our faith into the mesh of our lives.

    - From the Introduction


Making Faith Fun

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