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Making a Pilgrimage

Author(s): Sally Welch

ISBN13: 9780745953564

ISBN10: 0745953565


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  • This compact and carryable guide will open your eyes to what journeys of pilgrimage have to teach you - whether worrying about those left behind or simply desperate for rest and restoration, this book offers indispensable practical and spiritual advice.It is: a history book - helping you to put your journey in the context of others; an instruction book - not telling you what to take, but what to leave behind; a gazetteer - helping you make sense of the sights you take in; a map - not telling you where to go, but how to get there; a manual - showing how you can learn and grow through your experiences; and, a companion - to interact with as you journey, and in which to record your reflections. Ultimately, it helps you discover the truth that while it is good to have an end to journey towards, it is the journey that matters in the end.

  • Sally Welch

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Making a Pilgrimage

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